Custom research

Custom research and market studies

In addition to our Egypt Real Estate and Construction Monitor subscription service, we also undertake customised research reports for clients.

Since 2009 Frontier has carried out market and feasibility studies on 50+ real estate, retail and hospitality projects in more than 10 countries, with a particular focus on opaque markets where producing accurate supply and demand assessments is difficult. 

Our clients are typically developers or investors seeking in-depth, high-quality research on the real estate market to help inform specific projects or raise funding.

Unlike many other firms operating in this field, we do not offer marketing, brokerage or sales services, which allows us to take a fully independent and unbiased approach to our work.

We also place a great focus on "bottom-up" information drawn from local-level research and market understanding. 

To discuss whether we can help, please contact us on +20 (0)106 298 5481 or email:

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